About Us

Welcome to the Bhat Research Group (BRG) based at Columbia College, South Carolina. We are a dynamic and innovative Chemistry research group, primarily composed of enthusiastic undergraduates who are passionate about exploring the diverse and exciting field of chemistry and computational science. At BRG, we foster a collaborative environment where curiosity and hands-on learning drive our research endeavors.

Our Research Focus

Organic Electronics

Delve into the world of organic electronics, where chemistry meets technology. In this research area, we investigate the design, synthesis, and characterization of organic materials that have the potential to revolutionize electronic devices. From organic solar cells to flexible displays, our group explores the properties and applications of these materials at the forefront of modern technology.

Organic Batteries

Unlock the potential of organic materials in energy storage solutions. Our team is dedicated to developing novel organic batteries that offer sustainable and efficient alternatives to traditional energy storage devices. By combining synthetic chemistry and electrochemical analysis, we aim to create eco-friendly energy storage systems.

Biomolecular Simulations

Step into the realm of biomolecules and their intricate interactions. Using advanced computational tools, we simulate the behavior of biomolecules at the molecular level. Our simulations provide insights into the fundamental processes that underlie biological functions, enabling us to understand complex systems such as protein folding and drug interactions.

Quantum Computing

Embark on a journey into the cutting-edge field of quantum computing. We explore quantum mechanical properties of (bio)materials and their potential applications on quantum computers. Through simulations and theoretical calculations, we investigate how quantum systems can be harnessed to solve complex problems in chemistry and materials science.

Get Involved

Whether you're a chemistry enthusiast, an aspiring scientist, or simply curious about research, BRG welcomes undergraduate students to join our team. No prior research experience is required – all you need is enthusiasm, curiosity, and a passion for discovery.

Why Join BRG?